FNO Vancouver

Hey everybody! Summertime has left me busy doing nothing, and I never thought I'd say it, but I'm a little excited for back to school!... Anybody else? Maybe it's the fall wardrobe, or the exciting new things I'm going to be starting this year, or the thought of catching up on summer stories with all my friends... But most of all, I'm excited let you guys know about Fashion's Night Out Vancouver, on September 6th! The details can be found on facebook if any of you are interested - there's going to be live fashion shows from tons of cool brands, and best of all - it's a free event! So tell everyone you know, and see you there!


Hey just wanted to let you guys know that walking canvas is now on TUMBLR. So....what are you waiting for? GO FOLLOW US! @ http://walkcanvas.tumblr.com

Linger Longer Summer

Summer is quickly coming to a bittersweet end, and that means it's time to transition back to the fall wardrobe. Is everyone ready for a new school year? For all of those headed back to school I wish you well and remember the best way to be stylish is to be(YOU)tiful!

We Might As Well Be Walking On the Sun

Hey guys! Sorry for the recent slow-down on posts - I'm on vacation and it's a little more difficult to take outfit pictures here. But for this outfit, I was feeling casual so I went for my favorite neutral maxi and neutral flats with a pair of cute button earrings. As the end of summer approaches, maxis are an excellent choice for all the in-between weather that's going to be happening because they're so versatile.  -Sera

Sparrow Legs

The harem pants have arrived! They've got the cutest sparrows sprawled all over them that just make me so happy.

Love your curves

Hey guys! So, I know I haven't done an actual post with content in a while so here we go; with the second edition of finding your perfect swim suit. If you are a curvaceous woman then this is the post for you. Starting with what types of tops would best fit your type of body. Personally, I feel like the lovely tankini (shown on the left) is a flattering choice that is not only cute, but also incredibly stylish. As for bottoms, I'd go with something that has a bit of a higher waist line or even boy shorts for a more vintage look. I hope this helped with your quest for the perfect swim suit, don't forget to follow, spread the word, and be(YOU)tiful.


Make Me Come Alive

Doesn't summer just make you want to jump for joy for no apparent reason? Maybe it's the sun getting to my head, but I just feel so happy lately, and I hope you all do too. Wearing a Ralph Lauren tshirt, Volcom shorts, vintage grey sweater, billabong army jacket, and nude flats from topshop.


Pink top + army jacket + blue jeans

On my hands/fingers lately (the ring with the photograph is of the ocean in Indonesia!)

Reminded me of pictures of space... like galaxies and stars :)