Purple Pirate

Feel slightly pirate-esque when I wear this... This is good.  -Sera

Apple Of My Eye

Gala, Fuji, Granny Smith, Red Delish or Pink Lady... you choose!

First Vlog

Hey patrons of Walking Canvas! Jess here, and this is the very first vlog of walking canvas. I hope you enjoy  :) please excuse my awkwardness. here's the link:

Breathing Summer In

 Hi! We've got our first vlog coming soon! Look for it in the next couple days, and expect more in the future! We had so much fun shooting this - it just felt like summer was upon us for the first time in too long, to say the least. Jess' outfit is very nautical-sweet, and mine is vintage/60's diner waitress inspired. Can't wait to show you guys more!  -Sera


Feeling floral today! A simple ensemble that never fails to make a girl feel pretty, inspired by Gucci's perfume ad, Flora. Paired my bright top + flouncy skirt with a couple of my favourite necklaces to top off the look.  -Sera

Beat the Heat

Excuse me for the lack of shoes, but it's like 11:10 at night and I was like "HEY why not do a post?"
Anyhow, I'm sporting a denim vest, asymmetrical black chiffon dress, gold heart bracelet, and last but not least a floppy sunhat embelished with a black bow <3

Weekend Inspiration

Anyone else really obsessed with scallops? Beautiful architecture inside the Taj Mahal... - Sera

"Katniss" Braid

Hello patrons of walking canvas! Jess here, and today Sera and I were at a movie screening at a local park. I will be uploading a video hopefully later tomorrow, but for now here's a picture of the braid I did on Sera! I hope you enjoy and don't forget to follow us for more updates. If you would like to see a tutorial for this braid please let me know in the comments!


In the pink here. Lately I've been playing with the same colour scheme, and quite frankly I'm loving it!  Pink and orange have been my go-to colours of the moment... feelin' the sunsets.

And they lived happily ever after...

Babes. I found these at a vintage fill-a-bag sale amongst piles of clothing in the distance. The moment I laid eyes on them I knew it was love.  Like a madman, I bounded over to these damsels in distress and snatched them to safety. And now we'll live happily ever after. -Sera

My Style Profile!

Hey guys! I'm being featured on my friend Monica's channel for a style profile! Please excuse my super-cheese-ness, but enjoy! And make sure to check her out, and subscribe to her channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/MonicaAimeLaMode?feature=watch

I feel like Taylor Swift!

Hair down, flowy skirt + cowboy boots.  I feel so hipster its insane. But cowgirl. But Taylor Swift. Cowboy boots can do that. Go get some. They're awesome. Photo creds to Karen Wasdev! - Sera

This is why you need a good picnic blanket at a concert

This was the only good picture I was able to get of my outfit when I went to see Foster the People on june 25th...  Basically I wore a simple black tank under high-waisted pink shorts and the tights I cut up, with a turquoise oversize button-up (tied to my waist).  Oh well! At least it was a great concert!
Creds to my friend Karen! Check her out on pinterest : http://pinterest.com/karenwas/

Summertime is maxitime!

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with new styles, so go for feel-good, swishy, colorful frocks!  - Sera

It's all in the details...

I find white shirts always add a polished feel to your look, don't you? From there I just like to add a couple detailed accessories, and... presto!  You are complete.  Keep smiling, lovelies! -Sera
(creds to Karen... check her out : http://pinterest.com/karenwas/)

London Look

Sera getting to you here from raincouver givng you the london look! A friend of mine just came back from england and bought me back a couple of the latest trends from london, including a super crop top and collar neckaces! The tights I cut myself for a more grungey look, and for fear of too much tummy exposure, I added a high-waisted skirt! Ultimate day-to-day outfit.